The music made by METZ, Alex Edkins (guitar & vocals), Hayden Menzies (drums) & Chris Slorach (bass) has always been difficult to pin down. Their earliest recordings contained nods to the teeming energy of early ‘90s DIY hardcore, the aggravated angularities of This Heat, & the noisy riffing of AmRep’s quintessential guitar manglers, but there was never a moment where METZ sounded like they were paying tribute to the heroes of their youth. The sonic trajectory of their albums captures the journey of a band shedding influences & digging deeper into their fundamental core—steady propulsive drums, chest-thumping bass lines, bloody-fingered guitar riffs, the howling angst of fading innocence.

With their 2020 release Atlas Vending, METZ not only continues to push their music into new territories of dynamics, crooked melodies, & sweat-drenched rhythms, they explore the theme of growing up & maturing within a format typically suspended in youth. Each of Atlas Vending’s ten songs offer a snapshot of today's modern condition & together form a musical & narrative whole. Determined to connect with their fans and create a live experience as compelling as Atlas Vending within the confines of the pandemic, in Oct. 2020 METZ took to the stage at the Opera House in Toronto to livestream a performance of Atlas Vending in its entirety. The resulting Live at the Opera House released in 2021 delivers the raw, powerful, incredibly loud auditory experience we’ve come to expect from one of the most bombastic live bands around.