Oli Féra is a wild flower inspired by human nature, as well as her love for film like story-telling. Nothing less than an experienced and confident performer : she was the winner of the Festival International de la Chanson de Granby (F.I.C.G. 2022), earned first place at the Ma Première Place des Arts competition (2022) and graduated from the École nationale de la chanson (Granby, 2021). This singer-singwritter performs with passion and nuance a smoky, emotional and theatrical indie-rock that envelops us in the same way an undergroud film would. Electric guitar in hand, surrounded by her musicians, she paints musical landscapes imbued with poetry and complex human relationships in order to highlight the beauty of imperfection. Oli Féra is an artist with a marginal spirit, a unique narrative universe, a versatile voice and a contagious laugh who will captivate you with her authentic, dark, endearing and revealing performances. Her first EP ''Les amours chronophages'' will be released in 2023.