Combining instinctively the catchiness and speed of Descendents and Vulgaire Machins, with the groove and heaviness of Cancer Bats and Red Fang, Thick Glasses self-describes themselves as “slu$h” punk; the revamped, Montréal-version of the more common “sludge” genre. Too hard to call it a rock band, too soft to call it heavy metal, they don’t care about other people’s opinions and keep bulldozing their way through the underground Montréal scene. The band always gives itself the mission to push artistic boundaries whilst maintaining the essence that makes the true Thick Glasses sound. In July 2020, they announced their association to the Montreal-based record label, Hell for Breakfast for their upcoming projects. Having become Rej Laplanche's new favorite band, Thick Glasses had the chance to participate in the show 123 Punk recorded at ‘L’ANTI Bar et Spectacle’ in 2021 in addition to releasing a new song called MVP. 2022 is synonymous with novelty for the group, a new album is in preparation and the release of a first single is fast approaching!