Electro, Indie, Pop

The synth-pop musical project Fleur de Peau was born in January 2023. It consists of Louis Fernandez, a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, bass, keyboard, etc.), and Élie Dubois-Sénéchal as the vocalist.

Louis is known within the Quebec music scene as a musician, arranger, and producer. As a composer in Fleur de Peau, Louis offers lyrical and catchy melodies accompanied by distortion symbolizing fracture.

Élie, a multidisciplinary artist, brings an engaged and sensitive touch through the lyrics and their velvety voice.

Fleur de Peau's sound is melancholic, impactful, and poetic. The project reflects at times a Queer and feminist reality, and at others, a personal and emotional approach to the urgency of living. Driven by reverberation-tinged drum rhythms and robotic drum machines, their music carries an influence from the '80s anchored in a modern and alternative sound. Bright synthesizers and sometimes frenetic, lo-fi guitars can be heard in their music.

The group will release their album "Contre Sens" in spring 2024. It features electro, punk, pop, synth-wave, and new wave influences. You'll find caressing vocal melodies alongside dissonant and abrasive guitars.