As an artist, how can I apply to the Phoque OFF?

Application call take place the summer before Le Phoque OFF. Follow us on social media to know exactly when you have to submit your project.

Applications for Le Phoque OFF 2023 are now closed.

Where can I find the prog?

Stay Tuned! Our programmation will soon be announced.

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What's the difference between a showcase and a show?

Unlike a show, a showcase offers a short performance. This showcase allow the public to discover a new band or a new artist. As part of Le Phoque OFF, the showcase last 20 minutes whereas a show last about 40 minutes.

I didn't received my purchase confirmation / I can't find my tickets after I bought them on

Depending on your email adress, anti-spam protection measures could have blocked us from sending your tickets. If you can't find them in the spam section, you can contact the box office explaining the situation at [email protected]