Gawbé is a french-speaking alternative rock project firmly rooted in Quebec City. Like an island of freshness for urban youth, Gabrielle Côté tells her relatable and intimate stories with a relaxed and lively attitude. She shares her colorful lyrics with a voice that is very much her own: sensitive in its high notes, and warm and relaxed in its low ones.

The project took shape with the release of Sul'side in April 2020, a soft folk-rock EP. Gawbé now takes a more effervescent turn, as Gabrielle (guitar/vocals) surrounds herself with Jérémy Dufour (drums), Mathieu Ferland (bass), François Fortier (keyboard) and Antoine Fugère (guitar/vocals). With its contagious energy, the Gawband invites you to meet and waddle around.

In 2022, Gawbé played at the Cabaret Festif! and the Francouvertes.